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Included rules

Reviews are useless without some rules or standards to check against. ansible-later comes with a set of built-in checks, which are explained in the following table.

Rule ID Description Parameter
CheckYamlEmptyLines LINT0001 YAML should not contain unnecessarily empty lines. {max: 1, max-start: 0, max-end: 1}
CheckYamlIndent LINT0002 YAML should be correctly indented. {spaces: 2, check-multi-line-strings: false, indent-sequences: true}
CheckYamlHyphens LINT0003 YAML should use consistent number of spaces after hyphens (-). {max-spaces-after: 1}
CheckYamlDocumentStart LINT0004 YAML should contain document start marker. {document-start: {present: true}}
CheckYamlColons LINT0005 YAML should use consistent number of spaces around colons. {colons: {max-spaces-before: 0, max-spaces-after: 1}}
CheckYamlFile LINT0006 Roles file should be in YAML format.
CheckYamlHasContent LINT0007 Files should contain useful content.
CheckNativeYaml LINT0008 Use YAML format for tasks and handlers rather than key=value. {native-yaml: {exclude: []}}
CheckYamlDocumentEnd LINT0009 YAML should contain document end marker. {document-end: {present: true}}
CheckTaskSeparation ANSIBLE0001 Single tasks should be separated by an empty line.
CheckMetaMain ANSIBLE0002 Meta file should contain a basic subset of parameters. author, description, min_ansible_version, platforms, dependencies
CheckUniqueNamedTask ANSIBLE0003 Tasks and handlers must be uniquely named within a file.
CheckBraces ANSIBLE0004 YAML should use consistent number of spaces around variables. {double-braces: max-spaces-inside: 1, min-spaces-inside: 1}
CheckScmInSrc ANSIBLE0005 Use SCM key rather than src: scm+url in requirements file.
CheckNamedTask ANSIBLE0006 Tasks and handlers must be named. {named-task: {exclude: [meta, debug, block, include_*, import_*]}}
CheckNameFormat ANSIBLE0007 Name of tasks and handlers must be formatted. formats: first letter capital
CheckCommandInsteadofModule ANSIBLE0008 Commands should not be used in place of modules.
CheckInstallUseLatest ANSIBLE0009 Package managers should not install with state=latest.
CheckShellInsteadCommand ANSIBLE0010 Use Shell only when piping, redirecting or chaining commands.
CheckCommandHasChanges ANSIBLE0011 Commands should be idempotent and only used with some checks.
CheckCompareToEmptyString ANSIBLE0012 Don’t compare to "" - use when: var or when: not var.
CheckCompareToLiteralBool ANSIBLE0013 Don’t compare to True/False - use when: var or when: not var.
CheckLiteralBoolFormat ANSIBLE0014 Literal bools should be consistent. {literal-bools: [True, False, yes, no]}
CheckBecomeUser ANSIBLE0015 Become should be combined with become_user.
CheckFilterSeparation ANSIBLE0016 Jinja2 filters should be separated with spaces.
CheckCommandInsteadOfArgument ANSIBLE0017 Commands should not be used in place of module arguments.
CheckFilePermissionMissing ANSIBLE0018 File permissions unset or incorrect.
CheckFilePermissionOctal ANSIBLE0019 Octal file permissions must contain leading zero or be a string.
CheckGitHasVersion ANSIBLE0020 Git checkouts should use explicit version.
CheckMetaChangeFromDefault ANSIBLE0021 Roles meta/main.yml default values should be changed.
CheckWhenFormat ANSIBLE0022 Don’t use Jinja2 in when.
CheckNestedJinja ANSIBLE0023 Don’t use nested Jinja2 pattern.
CheckLocalAction ANSIBLE0024 Don’t use local_action.
CheckRelativeRolePaths ANSIBLE0025 Don’t use a relative path in a role.
CheckChangedInWhen ANSIBLE0026 Use handlers instead of when: changed.
CheckChangedInWhen ANSIBLE0027 Deprecated bare variables in loops must not be used.
CheckVersion ANSIBLE9998 Standards version should be pinned.
CheckDeprecated ANSIBLE9999 Deprecated features of ansible-later should not be used.